Cayuga Creek – Niagara Falls, NY

The Cayuga Creek project area includes approximately 37 acres of land along and near Cayuga Creek within the Town of Niagara. The forested wetlands found here provide valuable habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, including many species of amphibians, birds, reptiles, and mammals.

To protect this land in perpetuity, funding from the Greenway Commission is enabling the BNRLT to collaborate with Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper and the Town of Niagara to establish a conservation easement on the town-owned properties, while also working to acquire adjacent land that is presently privately-owned.

Goals / Vision

The vision for the Cayuga Creek project area is to improve and preserve the natural habitat for native vegetation and local wildlife, while creating features amenable to passive public recreation.

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The Cayuga Creek project area is located south of the Niagara Falls International Airport in between Porter Road and Elderberry Place. The boundary map on the right depicts the town-owned parcels (yellow boundary) and the privately-owned parcels (green boundary). Click on the same image in the Gallery below for a larger view.


Recreational – Conservation Use

The site encourages passive recreational use and funding is being sought for the development of new pathways.

Project Partners

  • Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper
  • Town of Niagara
  • Host Community Greenway Fund Standing Committee